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Job responsibilities

    1、the packaging design of product must be required to satisfy with the demand of market competition 

    2、design the promotional materials of product such as brand manuals, leaflets and yilabao.

    3、to optimize and improve the VI of the enterprise; cooperating with other departments to do the design support.

Position requirement:


    1、have more good abilities such as teamwork and innovation.

    2、with good brand design theory and aesthetic accomplishment that can be designed to meet the brand positioning of the effective product packaging

    3、familiarly use the designing software like PS and AI to independly complete the packaging creation and implementation.

    4、people who have 2 years or more experience, especially in the industry of health care, fast foods and tea will be consider first.

    5、know how to use the printing plate, process and color, can quickly accept new knowledge and new technology.

    6、job seeker please bring their own work to participate in the job interview.

    Education: junior college or above

    Gender:  Unlimited

    Position:  full time   

    Location:  Xiamen guanyinshan international operating centre


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